All about StopMo

Stop Motion Productions (or StopMo for short) was founded in 2004 based on the idea that it’s much easier to take pictures of people that are having a good time. Since then StopMo has been invited to hundreds of weddings and refined the idea of fun wedding photography to include even more awesome.

Our philosophy 
At StopMo we think of wedding days as celebrations a.k.a. parties and parties are for having a great time. We want you to have a fun at your wedding and we want to be there to record it. You'll find us in the background, out of the way, generally being sneaky. We’ve been told that we tend to pop-out of nowhere right before someone sees a flash go off. Weird? Probably. But it’s a great way to get real moments.
There are a few cases where we are more in the forefront. Our portraits are a mix of posed and candid photos and we tend to get involved with groups too. Most of the time though, we like to be in the shadows, recording what’s happening more than making it happen.

We’re not for everybody 
We learned a while back that trying to please everyone was a bad idea. We’d prefer to make a few people ridiculously happy than make lots of people moderately happy. We’d love to be the company you trust with your photographs but if we’re not right for you, we don't want to mislead you. We want the best for your wedding pictures even if we’re not the ones taking them. Weddings are special!

Straight Shooters (see what we did there?)
You may have noticed that we tend to get right to the point. Trust is an important part of any photo-relationship and we want to start on the right foot. If you have a question or concern we want you to be sure that you'll get a clear, honest answer.

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