10 tips for the groom for wedding awesome

There are four words that grooms have repeated to us over the years when we ask for their input on wedding decisions.  “It’s. All. About. Her.”

In many senses that’s a fair statement and one that will often prevent bloodshed or at least limit it. The bride is usually the glowing celestial body around which a wedding orbits and a wedding is rarely a success if the special lady does not feel like the most important woman in the world, nay the universe.

However, we would change one of those four words (please don’t hurt us ladies). Instead, we prefer, “It’s mostly about her.” Yes, she may sometimes refer to you in a manner more suitable for a piece of furniture or the decorations but it’s usually because she takes your support for granted. And even if she’s not worried about you, we are. It’s partly because we’re nice people but mostly because we need you.

You see, when you are having fun it’s more likely that she’s having fun and as a result we’re more likely to have fun. It’s an investment really, an investment in our fun level. So with that in mind here are 10 things that will make sure everybody has a good time (especially you).

  1. Relax. Deep breaths. We’ve seen lots of things go wrong and none of them matter if you stay cool. It’s a party!

  2. Be early. Time is one of the best ingredients to have if you need to solve a problem.

  3. Practice your smile. You have to do it a lot and it’s easier if you’ve looked at yourself in a mirror. Practice = easy.

  4. A clean handkerchief or small towel is a life-saver.

  5. You have the easier clothes and no bouquet. Use your wardrobe advantages to help her move around easily. Pro tip: Big, fancy dresses often have a loop underneath. Have fun finding it.

  6. Keep an eye on her make-up, hair and clothes to make sure they look they way she wants. You’re gonna be the closest to her so you will often spot something that needs attention first.

  7. Take advantage of your best man, he is one of your greatest assets. He can help keep people in line and get things. Things that were forgotten and things that are served with ice are popular items.

  8. Scribble down a few ideas for a thank-you speech, preferably at least a day before the wedding day. A few notes or names can help you concentrate on your feelings instead of worrying about forgetting something.

  9. Enjoy your portraits! We know, we know, you don’t really like having your picture taken but give us a few minutes. She is going to look at your photos hundreds of times and she’ll be staring at the expression on your face. Remember when you look into the camera you’re looking at her.

  10. When in doubt, repeat softly that she is important woman in the world. It’s okay if only she hears this.