Choose your own photographer? Not at some Hotels.

It’s true. Some hotels and resorts do not allow any photographers except their own at their weddings, or, if they do, they charge a fee. And by fee we mean lots of money.

We’re not big fans of this at Stop Motion Productions. We think photography is an incredibly important choice and would never want to limit your options. Of course weeeeeeeeee are your best option (hint, hint) but if for some reason you wanted to choose someone else we don’t think bullying you is the best way to win you over.

If your hotel restricts your choice of photographer there are a few options.

Skip the hotel
There are lots of locations to get married in The Bahamas including great beach options available at no cost. And there are lots of locations that are happy to welcome outside vendors.

Pay the fee
One of the reasons you might want to get married “on property” is to save time and money. We like saving both of those but we don’t think you should settle when it comes to your wedding day. Paying a bit extra for the photographer you want will pay you back every time you look at your photographs.

Get your ceremony and run! Most of the hotels and resorts lead directly onto a beach where you are free to take whatever photos you want. Get the formal stuff out of the way and use your entire hour for your portraits and family photos.

Look around
Not all hotels treat weddings the same. Some properties take a great deal of pride in their weddings and others not so much. Some aim for a customized experience and some work within predefined packages. Take the time to find a good fit and don’t forget to ask about their photography policy.