Why we don't do CDs

There was a time when we liked CDs. We think it was before the internet. Nowadays there are much better ways to get your photos. 

What's wrong with CDs?
We spend a lot of time on your photos and we want them to look great. That’s why we take up to a month to process your images. That means if we wanted to send you a CD we’d have to mail it. Paying $50+ for a shipper such as FEDEX or UPS adds costs to your package without much value. We’d send it through the national post office but you may be celebrating your golden anniversary before it arrives. And don’t get us started on tracking.

So how do I get my pictures?
Instead of a CD by snail-mail we send you a link by email. When you click the link, your computer will begin downloading a file with a name like album-13380583. Once your file is done downloading, double-click on it. Enjoy your photos. Total investment? Three clicks.

Now you have all your photos and they are the same size and resolution as they would have been on a CD. You can download your photos to as many computers as you like (Mac and PC) as many times as you like in as many countries as you like.

The Touchy-Feely factor
We’re betting that one of the things you like about CDs is the ability to touch them. It’s nice to have your photos in a tangible form. We get that. The problem is, CDs are not as reliable as you might think. When you have handled as many CDs as we have (hundreds) you know that they are not fail-proof. Over time they can be scratched, warped or otherwise rendered unreadable. It’s a sad moment when the CD you have carefully labeled and archived refuses to hand over it’s data.

If a hard copy if your thing then we recommend some sort of solid-state storage such as a flash drive. After putting one or two through the washing machine we can attest to their hardiness.


  1. Your downloaded pictures are yours forever but your download link will only work for two weeks. If your time expires and you need another two weeks just let us know.

  2. Depending on the size of your wedding you may end up with more than one Download link to click (we’ve never seen more than 4). That’s not so bad though since more links = more pictures and more pictures = more awesome.