Vow Renewals

So, you're getting pretty good at this marriage thing, huh? That's awesome! We think pictures are a great way to celebrate that and we say that without any bias at all (and by that we mean lots of bias).

Vow renewals are a lot of fun; everybody knows what they're doing and there's much less paperwork. Of course, should you have any questions we'll be here for you. 

StopMo by the Hour ­ – $400
Choose as little or as much as you need. We've got you covered.

Included with your package:
☀ One-­click download of your images (like a CD but faster and easier)
☀ An online gallery with lots of options (but no obligations) to print your photos
☀ An average of 50 final images per hour

Half Hours­ – $200
Just like an hour but half the size. Sometimes you want a little bit of extra time and we’re happy to stick around. Buuuuuuuut you'll need to have booked an hour with us already.


Some questions we get a lot:

Are you available on my date?
We hope so. Fill out our contact form and we'll let you know. 

How does payment work?
Short answer: We'll need $200 to reserve your date, %50 of your balance 90 days before your wedding day and the balance five days after your wedding. We accept most major credit cards and are pretty flexible. 

When do I get my pictures?
In 30 days or less. 

Do we get all of our pictures?
Yes. Let's define "all" a little bit though. We don't include tests or improperly exposed photos or tests or blurry photos.

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