Vow Renewals

So, you're getting pretty good at this marriage thing, huh? That's awesome! We think pictures are a great way to celebrate that and we say that without any bias at all (and by that we mean lots of bias).

Vow renewals are a lot of fun; everybody knows what they're doing and there's much less paperwork. Of course, should you have any questions we'll be here for you. 

Some questions we get a lot:

Are you available on my date?
We hope so. Fill out our contact form and we'll let you know. 

How does payment work?
Short answer: We'll need $200 to reserve your date, %50 of your balance 90 days before your wedding day and the balance five days after your wedding. We accept most major credit cards and are pretty flexible. 

When do I get my pictures?
In 30 days or less. 

Do we get all of our pictures?
Yes. Let's define "all" a little bit though. We don't include tests or improperly exposed photos or tests or blurry photos.

Do you travel to other islands in The Bahamas?
Not so much. It’s almost always too expensive to make sense for either of us. Lots of our islands are too small to make night flights cost effective and that means staying overnight and that adds up fast. Tell us about your wedding plans and we can let you know for sure.

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